No I haven't been slacking or getting lazy. In fact, I've been crafting every night from dinner till bedtime because the possibilities are endless and I'm getting inspiration from all over.

One problem though. Some stuff I made were good enough as gifts, and if I blog about them, they will no longer be a surprise. So does that mean I'll only blog about lousy stuff unworthy of giving?

Nah... there are still many Good Things to be made not for gifting purposes, but just for learning new techniques and polishing skills.

However, this totally adorable thing below does not require much skill except handling the scissors. Simple but Nice.

Monkey Moods Doorknob Hanger

Changeable Monkey Moods Doorknob Hanger

*kiddie voice* I did it all by myself (with credits to HP) and it's MINE! :p

I've since rounded the edges, but I still badly want to laminate it. Is there any way of achieving that without involving laminating / heat-sealer machines yet not having to resort to inferior cellophane tape wrapping? Does spraying varnish or lacquer do the trick well?

Sigh.. so many questions, so little budget.

Btw, Happy April Fool's Day!!