Jar of Nothing

It's been a long while since I posted here. Since I started working, I hardly even have time to sleep, let alone whip up little craft things. I guess I'm quite a workaholic after all..

Anyway, a colleague's birthday offered my itchy fingers a perfect excuse to dive into my craft supplies once more. That, plus the fact that I didn't manage to buy anything and his birthday was the very next day.

All out of inspiration, I finally came up with Nothing.

A Jar of Nothing, that is. Came across the idea sometime ago, and found it kinda cute.

I started this project at midnight.

Grab a little plain jar.

Prepare tags and embellishments.
(Make personalised ones from shrink plastic.)

Put it all together.

Wrap it up as elegantly as possible to disguise the Nothingness.

Maybe I'm slow, or too much of a perfectionist. I spent a whole hour just preparing the tags and embellishments, coz when they didn't turn out right in the slightest bit, I would redo them all over again.

The tag reads:
When people ask you what you wanted for your Birthday, do you ever remember
saying "Nothing"? Well, this time I listened, and made this perfect gift for

Use this idea at your own risk. Reactions and consequences may vary from individual recipients. Mine loved it. Phew!