The birth of this blog stemmed from my recently rediscovered love for paper crafts. I was a huge origami and pop-up card enthusiast as a kid, but japanese craft books (even kiddy ones) were rather costly, and so the only one we had had to be circulated around between me and my cousins who lived in another state. It is not as sad as it sounds though. The book was very well used, and currently in my possession. :)

I don't know about you, but I find it therapeutic when paper-crafting, when my mind is completely focused on cutting, folding and assembling with precision, and all my worries and heartache would magically disappear for a while.

Anyway, school and university days left me so worn out that I had no time to indulge in any hobbies other than online chatting and random net-surfing. But now, doing an internship means that after office hours, I have entire nights all for my leisure with no studying and report-writing to stress over. One day, I stumbled across some sites on really cool things that people have done with paper, and got me all excited to pick up my long-lost hobby again.

I'll admit, I prefer to scour the net for free project templates because experimenting on my own designs will take way too long, and I really want to get my hands into the actual joy of producing something fail-proof. Well, I never claim to be an artist. Love for handicrafts does not necessarily translate to talent for designing them, right?

And thus, I leave it to the true pros to come out with absolutely genius stuff. (All crafts shown in this blog will be appropriately credited unless the designer is not known.)

Finally: Please don't laugh at my work! If you must, chuckle or sneer discreetly. I am fragile.