Okay so I've decided that this blog should not be limited to crafts alone, so here's some chocolatey goodness for ya!

Yesterday (Sunday) I tried my hand at the Super Simple Nutella Ice Cream by Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini, the slow, time-consuming way. The procedure itself, however, was very simple, and anyone with patience and a whole day to spare could do it.

The quantity, however, does not justify the time and cost of the ingredients. A 375g tub of Nutella ($3.70) and a 405g can of unsweetened, full-cream evaporated milk ($1.43) makes only about 3/4 pint. Factor in the time spent (I spent 8 hours, inclusive of waiting time) and you have yourself a very very precious little tub of ice cream.

(Yes, full-cream. Shocker huh? Never thought I'd ever buy anything full-cream!)


I took some photos of the process, but a bowl of brown syrupy goop hardly makes for a pleasant picture, so I'll go right ahead to the finale.

My Homemade Nutella Ice Cream

The end result was a nicely frozen but still scoopable mass of rich thick, gooey chocolate hazelnut ice cream.

It really was a little sweeter than I'd preferred it to be. Maybe I could use dark chocolate next time for a more bittersweet, less cloying flavor. Still, I'm amazed that it actually turned out so well. Props to Clotilde!

What else should I try making next? I bought a can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas) that I had planned to make hummus with, but I couldn't find tahini in the local supermarkets, and I don't want to use any substitutes for my first trial (coz I'm a stubborn purist). I think I'm just gonna eat the beans from the can for dinner.

So yeah, I would love suggestions that are practical, economical yet give amazing results. And nothing that requires baking since I've no oven here. Tall order huh? Anyway, comments are always welcomed.

Goodnight for now!


La Lumiere said...

At a glance, I thought you have made papercraft ice cream until I started to read the text!
Sure, its gonna be very fattening. But what the hell.......!