Jars of Stars

Over the past month or so, I was told that my mum has been creating loads of luck for us, in the form of old school lucky stars!

Jars of Stars

My mumsie makes these at a rapid rate, during her TV time. These huge jars hold over 1500 stars each.

Mum's 1500 Lucky Stars

When she ran out of jars, she filled up our unused IKEA lantern instead! I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Not only do these stars bring us luck, they also make for a great recycling effort. All materials used came from the pesky flyers and brochures that were practically chucked in our faces every other day.

Recycling Pamphlets

See? No waste! My dad cuts them all up into strips and my mum turns them into pretty little things. What a team!

I like to imagine that when I next return home, our house would be star-flooded and we'd be wading through them. :)


koolkat said...

What an ingenous way to recyle.
Kudos to your mum and dad! The jars of stars do really look colorful and pretty. But making 1500 of these stars must have taken days.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog and just love it. I would love to know how your Mom made the stars, they look wonderful and would give my girls something to do when they got bored(I homeschool).
New Zealand

Anonymous said...

what a good way to recycle paper. i've never thought of that.
i used to do that..watching tv and folding stars at the same time. I got really addicted.

Anonymous said...

You can make them like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE3hHgEG350&feature=related