So, I've been away for the weekend and have been slacking since. ;)

This is something I snipped out from red foam last Friday:

Mother & Daughter

Scherenschnitte - Mother and Daughter

The original design had a fancy border with hundreds of tiny fiddly bits that I didn't feel like cutting out. Methinks this simple one looks even more tranquil and focused, although those more pro at papercutting may beg to differ.

No new project in progress at the moment. Spent the whole night tinkering with my new layout. I love how the tree design looks like it would make a fab papercutting design that I'd want to attempt sometime.


Jackie said...

Nice work, it reminds me of the Sound of Music for some reason. Very sweet!

waddee said...

Cutting out this design out of foam has its merits provided the design is not too fiddly. It gives the design a two-dimensional very effectively here.
Simple but nice.

illuminette said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. Very encouraging! :)